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RE: [equinox-dev] Standardize Eclipse Lazy Start

Before, the class loader would receive the request to load the class and 
it would first activate the bundle before loading the class. Now the class 
will be loaded before activating the bundle. 

However no code in the class (static initializer) will be run before 
activating the bundle.

As for running the constructor in response to "new Foo()", the bytecode to 
invoke the constructor are at the site of the new and are run after the 
class is loaded and the bundle activated. So no change in the relationship 
between bundle activation and *object* construction (classes get 
initialized not constructed; and the class intialization will occur before 
the object is constructed but both happen after the class is loaded and 
after the bundle is activated).

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RE: [equinox-dev] Standardize Eclipse Lazy Start

Tom, I understand this changes the relationship between bundle activation 
and class *loading*.  What's the relationship between bundle activation 
and class *construction*?  That is, suppose code in bundle b calls "new 
Foo()", where Foo is a class in bundle a.  Does Foo's constructor run 
before or after a's startup method?

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The Equinox team has been working with the OSGi Alliance to standardize 
the Eclipse Lazy Start mechanism (i.e. Eclipse-LazyStart).  See the 
Equinox WIKI at http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Lazy_Start_Bundles for 
details on what is changing in Eclipse 3.3 with respect to 

The initial code changes have been released to org.eclipse.osgi and will 
be included in tonight's N-Build.  Please let the Equinox team know if you 
encounter any unexpected behavior related to lazy bundle activation. 


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