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Re: [equinox-dev] Export-Package

Yes, I'd say still appropriate as a convention. At least for Eclipse projects.  The historical reason for this convention is that it makes acedemic and experimental work easier ... where users may intentionally want to use internal classes for some short term specialized purpose.  And, there are other mechanisms to warn or help guide the development-users to not use them (if not intended) and even, I'm told, some "runtime" settings to limit access according to the specified access rules.

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11/04/2006 11:52 AM

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[equinox-dev] Export-Package

Hi Folks,

At the following URL:


It says

   *  ALL Eclipse SDK plugins must list ALL of their packages in their
   * API or not. If you have a package on your plugin's classpath, it
must be listed.
   * New? List it! Old? List it! Borrowed from a friend? List it!

Is this convention appropriate for all other Eclipse projects?  Why
(particularly for *.internal.* packages) would this be a good idea for
new API?

Thanks for clarification,


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