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[equinox-dev] Execution Environments of Equinox

Reading various Manifest of equinox bundles I obtain:

- Some bundles runs on OSGi Minimum and J2SE 1.4. is this a contradiction? This means that I can't run my bundle on J2ME

- Reading here ( http://www.eclipse.org/eclipse/development/eclipse_project_plan_3_2.html#Appendix1) instead I say that some basic bundles (core framework) requires only OSGI Minimum (which allows me to run bundles on J2ME devices)

- Some Complendium Bundles don't have execution environment specification in Manifest.

What does it mean? Excluding the contradiction I can say that:
- Equinox framework runs on J2ME, J2SE VM
- Some Compendium Frameworks can run only on a J2SE VM