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Re: [equinox-dev] Beginner question


Thanks the answers.

I see the equinox documentation (http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/documents/http_writing_application.php) how can I create a servlet for into an equinox container.
I pulled all dependency (org.eclipse.equinox.* and org.eclipse.osgi.*) but I can't add extension (I see the org.eclipse.equinox.http.registry is missing but I dunno why).


ps: please use Cow instead of Haber :)


Oleg Besedin írta:

Hi Haber,
Are you asking about using extension registry in general or finding a specific extension point?

- _If you would like to use "an" extension registry_: it is supplied by the *org.eclipse.equinox.registry*. Make sure this plugin is included in your launch configuration

-_ If you would like to use "the" Eclipse extension registry in a small application_: for a simple solution, see the Headless Hello RCP template in the New Project wizard

-_ If you are looking for a specific extension point_:
1) Extension points are contributed by bundles. In most cases, id of an extension point begins with the symbolic Id of the bundle. For example, if you are looking for an extension point "*org.abc.GreatPoint*", chances are that it is supplied by the bundle "*org.abc*". Make sure that such bundle is in your launch configuration and resolves without problems.
2) Extension registry is the place that processes extension points. Make sure that you have *org.eclipse.equinox.registry* plugin in you launch configuration.

To see the actual list of bundles, in your launch configuration add "-console" into program arguments; once in debug, type "ss" in your console.

Hope this helps.

Oleg Besedin

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I'm new in equinox (but I already developed eclipse plugin). I created a
simple plugin targeted to equinox. (equinox boundles, SDK etc. installed).
But I can't use the equinox boundles extension points, because it's not
provided. What I miss? Or it's only work in normal eclipse plugins?

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