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Re: [equinox-dev] Equinox on mobile devices

To be a bit more precise, one should consider the OSGi Execution
Environment called "Foundation EE" (I think that is the name).
In fact, there is an even smaller EE in OSGi called the Minimum Execution
Environment (MEE).
>From here, I believe that one should also be looking closely at what has
been done in the OSGi Mobile Expert Group specifications, which have
recently been published, and are also referenced via JSR 232.
These specs define how one uses OSGi in "limited" environments, mobile
being one of those "limited" environments.


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I was cleaning up my mail and see that this did not get a response.  Sigh.
We are very interested in supporting these limited environments.  IBM has
Eclipse based products that ship in this configuration (Lotus Sametime
7.5).  Many of hte Eclipse plugins spec Foundatin 1.0 as their required
execution environment.

Having said that, there are a few quirks to getting this running.  Perhaps
you can describe what problems you are having and we can help you through
it?  There is a bit of doc on the wiki at

As for the JMX stuff, yes, we do run this on J9 foundation 1.0 using MX4J
etc.  I'm not sure where the instructions are etc but we should make sure
that that is documented as well.


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I'm very interested in running the Equinox implementation of OSGi R4
(including the incubator technologies) on several mobile devices using
IBM J9. The nature of such an environment is the limited availability of
resources. Beside this you can't use any JDK, which is well reflected
through the "Execution environments". However, it would we great to
understand and discuss your position of supporting such limited
environments. One very interesting incubator project is e.g. the
Resource monitoring project and it would be great to use it to monitor
the equinox runtime (and the applications on top of it) on a mobile
device. Unfortunately the provided version of the JMX-Feature is JDK 1.5
based and I had some trouble to make it run with JDK 1.4 and IBM J9.

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