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Re: [equinox-dev] Accessing Plugins from WAS

We are indeed doing it with Axis and Tomcat, though we are looking forward to using WAS and another alternative.
We will be very interested on how you manage to do in on Websphere.

Eishay Smith
IBM, Almaden Research Center

Kaegi, Simon wrote:
Ah... Ok.
Your situation is a little more involved and you can safely disregard my previous message ;)
The servlet bridge is a special case of embedded equinox that has the luxury of exposing a relatively small communication interface in the Servlet API.
By the sounds of things yours is the more general problem as your interface is custom. You'd likely be looking at a fair bit of work however you could re-use the hook technique from the servlet bridge for the API you want to support and then framework extension bundles to selectively expose those parts of your application you deem necessary.
I have experience with similar requirements and think it's achievable however I'd say the benefit of using the wizard in the first place is more-or-less gone.
Looking at webservices more generally, I know OHF has been using axis in this environment with some success.
Different... yes, but if that approach is applicable you might ask around over there.

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Thanks for your quick response! I'm not sure how you want to
continue this conversation, so I also wrote directly to you.

    I'm confused on several points, but perhaps the most basic is how
    to translate the URL mappings to the extension points, which is
    what lead me
    to my alternative solution.

    When you use the Websphere development wizards to create web
    services, the WSDL that is created contains the url of the web
    service.  It is usually
    something like "http:/<hostname>:<port>/<WAR
    Name>/services/<servlet name>", where the servlet is the
    implementation of
    the Web Services, but NOT an actual HttpServlet class.  The
    servlet class is generated by the wizard somehow, and is not
    There is no URL mapping generated in the web.xml file for the
    servlet.  Therefore, I don't know how to do this translation.

    Rich Piazza
    IBM Rational Software
    20 Maguire Road
    Lexington, MA 02421
    781-676-2540 (Fax)

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Hi Rich,
I think the various wizard use-cases like this are interesting as
they're already in wide use.
A while back BJ mentioned, a "WAR to WAB (Web Application Bundle)
translation tool" and associated web container spec. These might
be good things to consider supporting in 3.3 if you want to open
an "enhancement". In particular I'm interested in adding better
tooling support both for general creation of this type of
application as well as translation of existing web apps.
-- for your question ...
Without directly seeing your application its fairly hard to say
what's best however I'd suggest that if you want to make use of
Eclipse functionality that you migrate your servlet application
to be exposed within Equinox through the HttpService. As you're
discovering, creating a hybrid is very tough. Generally I'd
reserve the overriding of the FrameworkLauncher for use in
handling specialized deployment scenarios.
In terms of creating your intial WAB I'd suggest you start quick
and dirty packaging the whole WAR file in a bundle and then later
refine its various components into bundles. For most web
applications the URL mappings in your web.xml can be translated to
the extension-points in org.eclipse.equinox.http.registry. For
webapps with more complex lifecycle needs I'd suggest direct use
of the OSGi Http Service.
Once you've created your web app bundle drop it in
WEB-INF/platform/plugins and restart your servlet container. If
your bundle uses the Http Service directly you might also need to
start it in config.ini.
Hope this helps.
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I'm using WAS 6.1. I have constructed Web Services using the wizards in AST 6.1. I want the implementation of these services to call plugin code. I know that there are several problems here - including the fact that WAS 6.1 uses Eclipse 3.1 plugins, and the functionality I seek is more related to Eclipse 3.2.

    It was suggested that I use the Equinox bridge.  This seems
    difficult, because the servlets that I'm using are created via the
    wizards in AST, and I find it hard to determine how I would
    register them so the bridge could access them.

    What I decided to do instead was to subclass the
    FrameworkLauncher, removing most of the servlet references (and
    currently hardcoding the access to the bridge war, which contains
    my plugins that I need).  Looking at the BridgeServlet code, it
    changes the context classloader of the running thread, and then
    calls the proxy servlet, which will call the registered servlet.
     I figured, that I could create the appropriate context
    classloader using my FrameworkLauncher class, and then before I
    try to load the first plugin class, I would change the context
    classloader to the one I just created.

    This seemed to *almost* work, but the context classloader was not
    able to load/find any plugin classes, beyond the ones related to
    the framework itself.  On the other hand, the framework started
    just fine, and loaded all of my bundles.  However, when I look at
    the context classloader that is created, it seems like there is no
    connection between it and the bundle classloaders created by the

    Am I just on the wrong track?  Is what I'm trying to do just
    silly??  Is there any hints you can provide??

    Any help would be greatly appeciated!

Rich Piazza
IBM Rational Software
20 Maguire Road
Lexington, MA 02421
781-676-2540 (Fax)
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