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Re: [equinox-dev] dependent and registered buddy policies

The history behind the registered buddy policy was to provide a way to scope the dependent policy down to a specific set of bundles instead of using the complete set of dependent bundles.  This is why the registed policy only uses a subset of dependent bundles.  It has become evident that some scenarios require a buddy policy where the buddies have no dependency on the bundle they want to be a buddy for.

I have opened a bug (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=151580) to look into changing registered buddy policy to accept non-dependent bundles as buddies or to define a new buddy policy that would allow for this.  The documentation needs to be improved for the registered policy as well, there is no reason for it not to be documented.


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07/23/2006 06:33 AM

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[equinox-dev] dependent and registered buddy policies


I'm using a registered buddy policy to solve a deserialization issue.
I tried setting Eclipse-BuddyPolicy: registered in my org.jboss.client
plugin which will do the deserializing and Eclipse-RegisterBuddy:
org.jboss.client in the plugin that defines the serialized classes.

This did not work, and after diving into the source I found out why:
the RegisteredPolicy is a stricter version of DependentPolicy: it
delegates to plugins which are registered AND which have a direct
dependency on the other plugin.

>From the RegisteredPolicy javadoc:
Registered policy is an implementation of a buddy policy. It is
responsible for looking up a class in the bundles (registrant) that
declare interest in the bundle that require the buddy loading.  Note
that the registrants must have a direct dependency on the bundle
needing buddy.

Why is the explicit dependency necessary ? And why is this not documented ?


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