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[equinox-dev] Deploying servlet on a tomcat

    I was able to deploy my servlet on the osgi framework within Eclipse, and all the needed services worked fine.  My next step is to deploy this project on our production tomcat instance.  I am looking at the following guide:
I have deployed bridge.war, and the sp_test context shows that the bridge is deployed successfully.  I have also downloaded the sample applications.  I followed the instructions on the build process section, and I have the following directory structure:
                web.xml (same as sample web application)
                       all my dependent plugins along with everything in this folder of the sample web application (without registry)
                       feature.xml (same as the sample application + my bundle added to the description)
                       config.ini (same as sample + an @start for my bundle
I am curious what the next step should be.  I tried creating a war archive and placing it in tomcat's webapp directory.  Tomcat's log shows an attempt to deploy the application as well.  However, I am not sure if properly deployed or not. Moreover, how would I access the servlet?  Would it be accessed through the bridge servlet? If there are any instructions on how to access the sample application once deployed, I would like to see them.  I ran the WebAppBuilder.xml script in the launcher, and I saw the directory structure.  However, I am still unsure of how to deploy the application.  I would sincerely appreciate any help.