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Re: RE: [equinox-dev] OSGI Bundles: alternate manifest.mf location

That's only in the final Jar, though. There's no reason that it
couldn't be stored in different locations when it's being built in
source form. (But I suspect it's hard-coded in the PDE runtime.) As
long as it exports a Jar in the right place (just like classes may be
compiled to /bin or /classes, but there's no /bin or /classes in the
output Jar) then there should be no reason why this can't be done in


On 05/07/06, Philippe Ombredanne <pombredanne@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Note that a jarred bundle could not be a standard Jar anymore if the
META-INF was anywhere else.

And an OSGi jarred bundle is always a valid Jar file.
>From the OSGi R4 spec:
"2.3.2 Java JAR File Restrictions
OSGi bundles are always valid JAR files."
"3.2.1 Bundle Manifest Headers
A bundle can carry descriptive information about itself in the manifest
that is contained in its JAR file under the name of

So putting the manifest anywhere would break OSGi compatibility afaict.


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Yes, PDE requires the manifest file to be located in the META-INF/
folder at the root of the project.


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Subject[equinox-dev] OSGI Bundles:  alternate manifest.mf location

PDE Plugin project requires a valid Manifest to be present under
/meta-inf of the current OSGi bundle project in the workspace, and the
PDE dependencies virtual classpath variable mounts the deps mentioned in
the Manifest. Is there a way to use alternate location for OSGI
MANIFEST.MF file (e.g: resources/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF)?

I created a sample OSGI project and moved to the file to
"build.properties" to reflect this new location. The PDE generated
errors and was unable to mount the plugin deps mentioned in manifest.mf.

Is META-INf location is hard-coded somehow?

Any help is appreciated, thanks
-Ravi R_______________________________________________
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