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[equinox-dev] Looking for a way to verify that all bundles are resolved, from the command line

I am looking for a way to make a dynamic configuration verifications on
a bunch of bundles. (That is a distro)
Ideally I want to have a simple command-line scriptable way to resolve
all bundles in an eclipse install, and get back the output, so we can
make that part of our build.
I played with the console which can start bundles but is not scriptable
from the command line.
Is there an available way?

If not, what would be the right approach?
Would there be a way to get just the resolution going without the start?
Would a snippet like that be all that is need, or is there a better way?

Bundle[] bundles =
for (int i = 0; i < bundles.length; i++) 

This would of course be wrapped to handle thrown exceptions and error
reporting, and made in an application or an ant task.

Thanks for some feedback.

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