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[equinox-dev] using parentClassloader=app

Hi all,

Don't know if this is the right group for my question - please point
me elsewhere if it isnt.

I'm porting a legacy Java framework to an OSGI-based framework. My new
application consists of a number of plugins:
- the eclipse and osgi core plugins
- a plugin that contains the old framework
- new application plugins
This new framework is booted the Eclipse way using an IPlatformRunnable.

Now I want to use some of the new application plugins inside the old
framework. This is still started as an ordinary Java application.
Insided this application I boot osgi, and by setting
parentClassloader=app I can use the old framework

Off course, in this case the old framework is not available as a
plugin. So my question is: how do I configure my application plugins
so that their dependencies are correctly resolved in both settings. If
I do an import-package where this package is provided by the app
classloader, will this be correctly wired ? Would it be possible to
create a dummy plugin whose classes are loaded from the app
classloader ?