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Re: [equinox-dev] getResources()

Hi John

That would be a "split-package" scenario.  All bundles that contain the resource /WHATEVER-INF/hi.xml would need to export the package WHATEVER-INF.  Then your bundle would need to use Require-Bundle to require all bundles that export the WHATEVER-INF package.  This is one way your bundle can see all the /WHATEVER-INF/hi.xml  resources from the different bundles.  Another possibility is to use fragment bundles to add more resources to your bundle but that is likely not what you want to do.

You could also use the buddy-classloading features within Equinox.  This works well for scenarios where a library bundle needs access to all the /WHATEVER-INF/hi.xml resources from the bundles that depend on it.  To do this you would add the following header to your library bundle:

Eclipse-BuddyPolicy: dependent

Any bundles that contain the /WHATEVER-INF/hi.xml would need to depend on your library bundle, either by using Import-Package or Require-Bundle.

A completely different approach would be to search all the bundles installed in the system for the /WHATEVER-INF/hi.xml resource by using the Bundle.getEntry method.  One example of this approach is the extension registry in eclipse.  The extension registry uses this method to find all the available plugin.xml files that are installed in the system to contribute extension points and extensions to the registry.  The declarative services runtime also uses this approach to find all the component xml files.  This has many advantages because it does not force you to depend on the bundles (using Import-Package, Require-Bundle or Eclipse-BuddyPolicy) and it does not require a classloader to be created for the bundles you are reading the xml files from.



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[equinox-dev] getResources()

I have a situation where I need getResources() to return a list of resources from a specific place found in different bundles.  In a "normal" classloader environment if I had two jars in the classpath with a resource
and I asked the classloader for the getResources() I would get two items in the enumeration.
However, if those same two things were bundles, how could I make a third bundle also return two items from the getResources() call?  Do I somehow make both bundles export WHATEVER-INF (like a package) and then have the third bundle import WHATEVER-INF?  I don't think that will work, since only one of the exported WHATEVER-INF guys will be chosen.
Anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this sort of thing?

John Wells (Aziz)


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