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Re: [equinox-dev] Problem with "uses" constraint

On Saturday 03 June 2006 09:13, Melih Onvural wrote:
> What does this phrase "to resolve" mean? 

You need to look at chap 3 in the R4 spec for the exact definitions, but in 
layman's terms "To Resolve" means that for each package in "Import-Package", 
there is a bundle (same or another) that has that package in the 
"Export-Package" attribute.

Furthermore, the resolver needs to fulfill many types of constraints (such as 
versioning, custom wiring info, et cetera) to ensure that the class spaces of 
the JVM does not get violated, i.e. Two classes with the same FQD name loaded 
by different classloaders ending up conflicting with each other, for instance 
in an assignment.

Knowledge of classloader architecture of Java/JVNM is a great advantage when 
dealing with obscure issues in OSGi. If you lack this, I suggest that you try 
to trust Eclipse PDE to do the thinking for you ;o)