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Re: SV: [equinox-dev] JSP support in the servlet bridge incubator project

Peter Neubauer wrote:
> Från: Harald Niesche [mailto:harald@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>>> The manifest for the
>>> org.eclipse.equinox.servlet.bridge.extensionbundle was also modified to
>>> filter the javax.servlet.jsp classes down from the running webcontainer.
>> Does this mean that you are exposing the servlet api through the
>> org.eclipse.equinox.servlet.bridge.extensionbundle bundle?
>> If yes, wouldn't it make more sense to expose them through the
>> org.eclipse.equinox.servlet.bridge.http bundle?
> Mmmh, I would preferr not to expose commonly used APIs through other
> bundles. Why not instead make a library bundle exposing just the servlet
> api and nothign else, importing all dependencieas, so one can swap out
> just this bundle to get another API version, if not everyone explicitely
> states the API version in the imports?

This case is different: these are classes inherited from the servlet
container. They can't be changed separately.

And if the extensionbundle is the one hosting jasper, then I can see why
the javax.servlet.jsp packages would be handled there.