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[equinox-dev] listening to bugs

A repeat of my irregular message...  This is particularly relevant as 3.2 is winding down so the "noise" on the bugzilla channel is not so bad.  There are actually some pretty interesting discussions going on...

It comes up once in a while that people don't know they can listen to the bug traffic for a component.  When you look at the mailing list or newsgroup, things sometimes look a little slow.  In fact, there is a tremendous amount of stuff going on but much of it happens in Bugzilla.  For Equinox you should consider "watching" the following bugzilla users by looking at your email preference settings after logging into bugzilla.

You might also want to watch the runtime component as sometimes bugs are misfiled.



p.s., See https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=141685 and add any suggestions you might have for making it easier to see/manage the bugzilla mail traffic.