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[equinox-dev] Looking for a working example for services

I'm creating an OSGi component using equinox declarative services.  The osgi console indicates that my Activator only makes it into the "RESOLVED" state.  However, page 281 of the OSGi Service Platform Service Compendium for R4, states that an "immediate component is activated as soon as its dependencies are satisfied".  It appears to me that my component should be an "immediate component" and I would, therefore, expect it to move into the "ACTIVE" state.  My component description and activator class follow:
<component name="example.activator">
    <implementation class="example.Activator"/>
public class Activator {
    public Activator() {
    protected void activate(ComponentContext context) {
    protected void deactivate(ComponentContext context) {

Any help is very much appreciated.
Cameron Ross.