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[equinox-dev] JavaOne Presentations

Several of you have promised me a small (2-6 slides) presentation(s) for
JavaOne about OSGi related products or projects. A few have submitted,
but I could use a lot more ... I really want to show how vibrant the
communities are. It only takes 5 minutes to carve out a few slides
from one of your existing presentations ...

Can I please, please, please ask you to submit a few slides? You can
find a template on http://bundles.osgi.org/javaone.php

For those that have been so good to submit slides already: Thanks!

Kind regards,

   Peter Kriens

Peter Kriens                              Tel +33467542167
9C, Avenue St. Drézéry                    AOL,Yahoo: pkriens
34160 Beaulieu, France                    ICQ 255570717
Skype pkriens                             Fax +1 8153772599