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[equinox-dev] 3.2 bugs

Things are looking pretty good for bugs left to address in 3.2.  Seems like across the extended equinox, runtime, pde build and update teams there are only 62 bugs left marked as 3.2 *.

As we wrap up RC2, its a great time to review your bugs and update their status.  There are several marked as just 3.2, RC1 or RC2.  These need to be reconsidered and either deferred or their milestones updated (or perhaps they are already fixed?).  Remember also that the barrier to releasing changes is going up and you now (as of RC2) need two component leads to agree to a change (see http://www.eclipse.org/eclipse/development/freeze_plan_3.2.html#FixPassAfterRC2 for more details) so take that into account when updating the status.

Finally, this is a good chance to step back and review all your bugs and ensure that there is nothing important that has been overlooked.