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Re: [equinox-dev] Reuse registry implementation in 'org.eclipse.core.internal.registry';

Hi Joachim,
I can add a few words on the extension registry.

The extension registry in Eclipse 3.2 gets some new customization capabilities that you might find useful:

- It is possible to create your own extension registry - see RegistryFactory.createRegistry()
- For such registry, customized processing can be provided via RegistryStrategy
- Information can be added and removed from an extension registry independently from Eclipse plugins – see IExtensionRegistry. addContribution() and IExtensionRegistry. removeExtension() / removeExtensionPoint() [some limitations apply]

However, internal classes like Extension and ExtensionHandle can change at any time and should not be used.

The best way to add some functionality is to create an enhancement request in the Eclipse bug tracking system - https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/ . Describe in it the functionality you need and you might be surprised to find a number of people joining and saying that this is what they want (or not :-)). And you are more than welcome to contribute a patch that would add the code you desire to the extension registry. The catch, of course, is that it should not break anything and be useful in a “generic” case.

The advice on considering OSGi services was very good. On a logical level, both extension registry and OSGi services solve similar problems.

Oleg Besedin

ello exquinox dev list,

I´ve posted the following two messages to the platform core dev list and
I got good advice from Peter Kriens.

After that Thomas Watson told me to post my questions also to
equinox-dev, as there are the equinox server side guys. So if somebody
can help me or even better if somebody works on a similar project.


Hello List,
for some weeks I read through the Eclipse core/equinox/osgi bundles and
found the Implementation of the ExtensionPoint Registry useful for my
Implementation of an runtime object registry. So I wanted to reuse some
classes that implement IObjectManager, Handle etc.

But I´m facing serious problems due to Java and OSGi bundle acilities
(Classes are not Exportet in the Bundle Manifest, or simply defined

Is there, despite duplicating relevant classes into my plugin, a way to
use these facilities.

Thank you in advantage