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RE: [equinox-dev] Equinox Incubator Tooling proposal

+1 for the same reasons as Scott

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FWIW:  +1

I would be most interested in the tools associated with monitoring/mgmt 
of OSGI-based server apps.


Jeff McAffer wrote:

> We are proposing a new work area in the Equinox subproject incubator. 
>  This workarea actually brings together some disused and neglected 
> tools (Core Tools) with come new work in the area of JMX, Aspects, ... 
> to see if we can create something useful for introspecting dynamic, 
> complex systems.   Check out the proposal at
>         http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/documents/tools-proposal.php
> and please vote or ask questions on the equinox-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx 
> mailing list.
> Jeff
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