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Re: [equinox-dev] using third party jars in equinox

Abhishek Verma wrote:
> What is the best approach to use third party jars in more then one plugins?
> Current aapproach:
> Create a plug-in with the third party jars and make other plug-ins
> dependent on this plug-in. 

You should actually import the packages, not declare a dependency on the
plugin. That way, your plugins are independent of the actual packaging
of those other jars (if one day the other packages are supplied as
bundles, you can just drop those bundles into the framework and your
plugins continue to work).

> But I could not find a way to export the
> 'jars' from the plug-in. Currently it works by exporting all the
> packages in Manifest and specifying the jar as exportable in Java Build
> Properties.
> Is there a better way to export 'Jars'?

Exporting all the packages is exactly the right way, because it enables
you to re-package the bundles.