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Re: [equinox-dev] Fw: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse on IRC

Hi Pascal,

Pascal Rapicault wrote:

Hi Scott,

Here I'm only forwarding the message. The problem is that the irc channels even though not well advertised have been here for quite a while.

Understood and agreed...I'm not at all implying that XMPP should/would replace the established IRC communities. Actually, I'm engaged with D Pollack in a direct email channel...as I would like to see ECF used as an integrated client for both IRC and XMPP access to these existing IRC channels, as well as new XMPP accounts/chats, etc.

We need some dev help with enhancing the functionality of the ECF IRC provider, though...and some feature additions to the example app UI....so we can deliver an ECF IRC client that is more completely functional. If people reading this list know of people that would be willing to put in some effort on the ECF IRC client then please let me know.

You should bring that topic on the eclipse-dev mailling list or on the IRC channel, or maybe can we something running on the server that forward message from IRC onto XMPP and vice-versa.

Yes, I will do that as well asap.