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[equinox-dev] reminder to track contributed patches

We are in the fantastic position of getting many patches contributed from the greater community.  Keep it up everyone!  

With this interest and participation comes an increasing need to track the contributions that are actually getting committed into the main code.  This not a matter of who works for who but rather a requirement that we properly track and attribute the origin of the code we are shipping.   We can either do it as we go or spend time at the end of each release cycle searching bugs and trying to remember who did what when.  This was discussed some time ago and we adopted the convention of marking bug reports when their patches were committed.  In particular, the Equinox coding guidelines (see http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/documents/coding.php) read as follows:

    All committed contributions from non-committers must be tracked. The easiest way is to put "[contributed patch applied]"
    in a comment in the bug report that contains the patch/contribution when the code is committed.

Please remember to do this as you go.  It will greatly simplify the process we inevitably must complete.  An ounce of medicine... and all that.


p.s., if you can think of any patches that you have committed recently, or, for the community, if your patch was committed to the main code base, please check to ensure that the related bug is annotated as outlined above.