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[equinox-dev] heads-up on the upcoming change in the Eclipse registry

Please ignore this message unless one the following applies to your code:
In M4 we refactored Eclipse registry in a stand-alone module. As a part of the process, new registry interfaces were created in the org.eclipse.equinox.registry package. Due to the complications in insuring backward compatibility, we are now forced to revert the package name (i.e., rename the org.eclipse.equinox.registry package to org.eclipse.core.runtime). However be reassured that all the new APIs and the facility to create your own registries have been kept around.  Further, the registry functionality is still in the new org.eclipse.equinox.registry bundle.

At present we are in the process of finalizing the changes and expect updated code to be available in the next I-build (February 7).

If your code is using IExtension.getDeclaringPluginDescriptor()  or IExtensionPoint.getDeclaringPluginDescriptor():
If you adopted org.eclipse.equinox.registry.* methods introduced in M4:
Oleg Besedin