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Re: [equinox-dev] Bundle lookup


Check out the doc in the config.ini that comes with Eclipse.

The osgi.bundles property in config.ini takes the following form
    <URL | simple bundle location>[@ [<start-level>] [":start"]]
If a URL is given,

# Note:  Only platform:/base/ and file: URLs are supported.  In general the
# URLs given may include a version number (e.g., .../location_1.2.3).  
# If a version is not specified, the system binds
# to the location which matches exactly or to the versioned location with the
# latest version number.  If a version number is given then only exact matches
# are considered.

In any event, I suspect that in your case you can just give the bundle symbolic name and let the framework do the searching.  Will this work for you?

An alternative is to use update configurator (org.eclipse.update.configurator) or the upcoming simple configurator story.  We are still working on the details for that but it should be clear in the next week or two.


Michael Mangeng <mm@xxxxxx>
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01/22/2006 03:29 PM

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[equinox-dev] Bundle lookup


I'm using equinox as osgi implementation for a new application and i've
got a little question:

I've read that bundleContext.installBundle(String someUrl) is
implementation-dependant and therefore i would like to ask here wether
it is and how it is possible to use the frameworks bundle-lookup
mechanism to install a Bundle only from a path information and/or only
the bundles symbolicname (not the whole jar or directory name with
version information!)

I would like to use this as a boot bundle which has to start several
bundles mentioned in a xml config file.

config file could look like:
    <service location="plugins/bundle1.jar"/>
    <service location="plugins/bundle2"/>
(path name is relative to the working directory)

The problem is that I dont know which approach I have to take when I
want to install "the highest version" of e.g. bundle1 so the upper
sample-xml should install bundle1-1.2.0.jar (if this is the highest
version available).

Thanks for any answers.

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