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[equinox-dev] Bundle lookup


I'm using equinox as osgi implementation for a new application and i've got a little question:

I've read that bundleContext.installBundle(String someUrl) is implementation-dependant and therefore i would like to ask here wether it is and how it is possible to use the frameworks bundle-lookup mechanism to install a Bundle only from a path information and/or only the bundles symbolicname (not the whole jar or directory name with version information!)

I would like to use this as a boot bundle which has to start several bundles mentioned in a xml config file.

config file could look like:
    <service location="plugins/bundle1.jar"/>
    <service location="plugins/bundle2"/>
(path name is relative to the working directory)

The problem is that I dont know which approach I have to take when I want to install "the highest version" of e.g. bundle1 so the upper sample-xml should install bundle1-1.2.0.jar (if this is the highest version available).

Thanks for any answers.