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[equinox-dev] Next Specification Question (IP)

John Wells (Aziz)
In the Inintial Provisioning specification it says that the "Service
Platform Identifier" must be appended to the initial URL.  However,
there is no explicit definition of what a "Service Platform Identifier"
actually is.  The specification should be more clear about which of the
following things it means:

1.  The Service Platform Identifier is a framework implementation
defined string
2.  The Service Platform Identifier is XYZ.  Where XYZ is a mechanism
whereby the Service Platform Identifier can be created.

My problem is that *if* the SPID is #1 above, then I cannot write an IP
bundle that works on any framework.  I will at least have to have
special code depending on which framework I am running on.  And if
*should be* #2, then there is nothing in either the core or compendium
specifications that gives me a clue about how to construct the PID.

And, also, BTW, anyone have an idea of how I can generate a SPID in

John Wells (Aziz)