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[equinox-dev] Re: Incubator security patches

We would love to have these patches and all the plugins we've "fixed up"  migrated to Eclipse 3.2.  

We've only been able to produce and post patches to a few of the plugins we've actually modified.  All the plugins marked 100% reviewed and "Committed to Security Branch"  may have code changes as well.  Many of the plugins now include an OSGi permissions.perm file too.

If anyone else is interested in seeing this effort (creating an RCP platform that can run with a security manager on) move forward, please SPEAK UP.  We are in close talks with Jeff M (et al), but the Eclipse 3.2 deadline is quickly approaching.  There is fair amount of "grunt" work involved to reach this point and I'm not sure I convince my manager(s) to allow time for us to do it again.

The SWORD4J tools have been a HUGE help in reaching this point too.
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