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Re: [equinox-dev] Alternate Extension Point namespace

I thought that one of the goals of eRCP was to provide a common 
programming model so that plug-ins written against eRCP would run 
unmodified on the full RCP.
If so (and I think this is an important goal), then we should keep not 
only the same type names and package ids where appropriate, but also the 
same plug-in ids, since these are essentially API (not just as part of 
extension point ids).

But there should still be some way of distinguishing the eRCP subset of 
org.eclipse.ui in the configuration.  I'm not sure what the best approach 
is here though.  Using version ids doesn't seem to be the right answer.

Nick Edgar
Eclipse RCP UI lead

Mark Rogalski <rogalski@xxxxxxxxxx> 
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11/29/2005 03:38 PM
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[equinox-dev] Alternate Extension Point namespace

For eRCP we would like to have a smaller org.eclipse.ui plugin that has 
fewer graphics and only a subset of extension points. However, producing a 
plugin with the same symbolic name but different content does not seem 
like a good practice since the two plugins could potentially be confused. 
The problem is that Extension Points are known by their "plugin symbolic 
name" + "extension name". Thus, Extensions Points can not be provided by 
another plugin and still be found.

Tom Watson mentioned that there had been some discussion of loosening this 
restriction. Is there anything currently in the works that would resolve 
this problem or would you entertain adding a "namespace=" tag to allow 
changing the default namespace?

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