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RE: [equinox-dev] http servlet > 2.1 support

> There are issues with the HttpService design that cannot 
> properly deal with Servlet API above 2.1. 

That's been my experience too; You get what the HttpService offers and
no more.
As you mention there is a one context per HttpService limitation and JSP
support isn't there out of the box.
Other things I miss include filters and the various session and
servletcontext lifecycle listeners.

I'd be interested in helping bring the contributed HttpService
implementation up to the Servlet 2.4 level for those portions exposed in
the existing Http Service spec. My main concern is that we have an
HttpService implementation that can run Servlets built with later
versions of the Servlet API. I wonder how tough this would be?

I'd also be interested in doing work to support JSP within the bounds of
the existing HttpService spec (perhaps through a proxy servlet or some
other approach). I suspect this might be a fair sized job in that both
compilation and runtime exposure would be tricky and might require
framework support but still might be worthwhile. Any thoughts on how
hard this might be?

> IBM proposed a design to replace HttpService with a 
> WebContainer specification for OSGi that supports JSPs and 
> Servlet 2.3. This design was not incorporated into R4 by 
> OSGi, but may make a future release. This design realized the 
> limitations of the current HttpService design with respect to 
> Servlet API beyond 2.1.

Sounds very interesting. Can you say more on this. Are there any
implementation plans for it?

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