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RE: [equinox-dev] server side eclipse examples?

Hi Martin,

If you're interested in web container integration and can wait a week or
so I can probably help. I'm working on packaging this stuff up for a
contribution to the server-side incubator.

Spring integration is another area that might be interesting.
I'm no expert but at a glance thought it looked tough and would require
a lot of Buddy-Classload[ing] at the very least.
Do you (or anyone else) have any thoughts on how best to integrate with


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> Subject: [equinox-dev] server side eclipse examples?
> Hi,
> does anybody have code examples how to start and run eclipse 
> applications inside an app server like Websphere or JBoss (or 
> similar)? 
> (I just don't wanna experiment on my own if someone has ready to use
> examples...)
> Maybe even in connection with Spring? (OSGi running within 
> Websphere using extensions and Spring to deploy beans or whatever...)
> That would be great!!!
> Thanks a lot!!!
> Best regards,
> -Martin
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