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Re: [equinox-dev] Server-side incubator

On Wednesday 02 November 2005 10:42, Kaegi, Simon wrote:
> A new incubator has been created to explore the use of Equinox in
> server-side environments. 


> The incubator will be kicked off with changes to address some of the issues
> noted. 

For someone fairly new to the Eclipse community, does "Incubator" mean some 
other project and/or mailing list, or is it just a code repository??

> Please speak up if you have contributions to make, solutions to problems,
> or interesting use-cases.

Will do. I start by suggesting the following concern areas being of my primary 

 1. Embedding Equinox into a standalone application.
    The issues here includes;
    - Multiple instances within the JVM.
    - Passing of object/data from the "outside" world to the bundles.
    - Additional Persistence options.
    - Shutdown hooks.

 2. Embedding Equinox in an embedded application/library, such as War files.
    Additional issues here includes;
    - Conflicts with controlling container in classloading and security.
    - Request-based services.

Personally, I am working on two OSGi projects commercially. One is pretty much 
a standa-alone application, and the other could end up inside Websphere, 
Tomcat or similar, although we are staying away from that at the moment.
A third project is OSS, and is interesting from the point that it must work 
both inside Eclipse as well as from the commandline, with as little glue code 
as possible. But that is outside this scope, although some overlap exists.