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[equinox-dev] Fw: [oscar] Re: [architecture] Geronimo and OSGi

----- Forwarded by Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM on 10/28/2005 11:35 AM -----
Didier Donsez <didier.donsez@xxxxxxx>

10/28/2005 11:11 AM

Philippe Merle <Philippe.Merle@xxxxxxx>
Pierre-Yves Gibello <pierreyves.gibello@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Christophe Ney <christophe.ney@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Architecture Objectweb <architecture@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, oscar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[oscar] Re: [architecture] Geronimo and OSGi

Thanks you Philippe

Just a presentation of FROGi in english.


Philippe Merle a écrit :

>Pierre-Yves Gibello wrote:
>>I don't know what is the position of the JOnAS team regarding this, but
>>I think we have a kind of "Fractal vs OSGi" issue at OW (although I'm
>>not sure both approaches address the same problem, and I'm not even sure
>>they are uncompatible).
>Fractal and OSGi are not uncompatible. See the paper "FROGi :
>de composants Fractal sur OSGi" presented at the DECOR 2004 conference.
>OSGi provides a runtime structure where bundles/services/code could be
>deployed dynamically (ie installed, updated, uninstalled, etc).
>OSGi provides also a service register that allows services to discover
>and connect them together.
>OSGi is adequate for software requiring a structured plug-in mechanism.
>This is why it is used in Eclipse and in home/vehicle gateways.
>Fractal provides a ligthweight extensible component model where:
>* software architectures could be clearly expressed (see Fractal ADL)
>* applications could be dynamically and safely reconfigurated
>* functional and non functional aspects could be separated
>This is why Fractal is used to build some ObjectWeb middleware like
>DREAM, JADE, GOTM, Speedo, etc.
>Next ObjectWeb application servers should be build on top of
>OSGi and Fractal together. And we should stop to opposite these
>two complementary software technologies.
>Philippe Merle
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