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RE: [equinox-dev] OSGi for Server-side...

>> a URLFactory (see patch) e.g. At load time URL myURL = new URL("xxx")
>> is rewritten as URL myURL = URLFactory.createURL("xxx").
> And that the appropriate java.net.Handler is passed in the
> URL constructor???

The URLFactory has a 1 for 1 matchup of the URL Constructors. If the
handler isn't passed in, the URLFactory will parse the protocol from the
spec and figure out the appropriate handler using Eclipse's
>> In this way the URL remains portable between the ClassLoaders 
>> (although the construction isn't)
> How about the tougher cases, such as URI.toURL()  ??

Yep. The construction isn't portable between ClassLoaders.
For rt.jar I did some analysis a while back and URI.toURL() was the only
example I found that was really problematic.
Most other cases were really looking for file:// URLs and in the odd
case protocols directly supported in the VM.

In theory we could do more byte-code weaving for bundles that use
URI.toURL() but perhaps this is fighting a losing battle as any class
not loaded by the EclipseClassLoader that constructs URLs potentially
has this problem.

Still a neat idea ...
I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel and am open to spending some
time on this.
More analysis would be appreciated - especially on the verifier side.

> Personally I don't think intrusion on the established manner 
> is the way to go. 
> A collaborative API, with strong OSS support from major 
> players, is much more likely to be successful and 
> well-received than hacking the JVM and/or bytecode loading ;o)

Could be that we can't do it transparently in which case this is the way
to go. 
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