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Re: [equinox-dev] OSGi for Server-side...

On Wednesday 26 October 2005 02:51, Kaegi, Simon wrote:
> Perhaps if you just just replaced the constructor calls with calls to a
> URLFactory (see patch)
> e.g. At load time URL myURL = new URL("xxx") is rewritten as URL myURL =
> URLFactory.createURL("xxx").

And that the appropriate java.net.Handler is passed in the URL constructor???

> In this way the URL remains portable between the ClassLoaders (although
> the construction isn't)

How about the tougher cases, such as URI.toURL()  ??

Personally I don't think intrusion on the established manner is the way to go. 
A collaborative API, with strong OSS support from major players, is much more 
likely to be successful and well-received than hacking the JVM and/or 
bytecode loading ;o)

If OSGi had stipulated cascaded protocols, then we wouldn't need the 
URLStreamHandlerFactory at all, and instead use the 
java.protocol.handler.pkgs mechanism instead (although it has its own little 
bug). E.g.

But I guess this is a moot point.