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Re: [equinox-dev] A bit disappointing dependency...

On Monday 24 October 2005 08:27, Jeff McAffer wrote:
> - you can write custom Ant scripts to do the build. ÂThis will be
> reasonable for a small set of bundles low down in the dependency graph. As
> you try to build things higher and higher in the graph the classpath
> becomes very hard to manage.
> - There is some hope that the Maven2 folks will come up with a mechanism
> for building OSGi bundles. ÂIf so, this would be useful/usable here.

> Make sense?

Hold on a second... I have no problems that Eclipse provide superior 
plugin/bundle build tools, just like I don't feel I have problems building my 
own bundles, using my own tools.

What I find 'irritating' is that the OSGi platform itself require such 
advanced tooling. I don't generally have Eclipse downloaded, and find it 
"amuzing" that [Product A]t0 has a dependency on [Product A]t-n.

Well, instead of complaining so much about, I'll dig in and see how hard this 
could possibly be...