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Re: [equinox-dev] OSGi for Server-side...


I have seen a lot of interest in this area and there are various enhancement bugs already in progress in this area.  It would be helpful to start an incubator to flush out all the details and build a community to provide feedback and test out the ideas we have.

Do you have an idea of what projects would be included in this incubator? (org.eclipse.osgi, org.eclipse.core.runtime etc.)

I'm familiar with the issues Simon is talking about for the server side, but it may be helpful to provide list the issues or at least post the existing bugs related to this area.  Thanks.


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10/24/2005 09:57 AM

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[equinox-dev] OSGi for Server-side...

Hi all,

I'd like to suggest that we create an incubator to hold current work for embedding Equinox/Eclipse in server-side environments. The current process of getting a series of slightly out of date patches and applying them to the HEAD is error-prone and impedes further improvement. What I'd like to see is something approaching a ready made environment where developer's can dig into the integration issues.

At this stage I'm just trying to gauge interest. What do you think?


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