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Re[2]: [equinox-dev] Re: Client side security store (Peter Kriens)

The fact that you made several wrappers seems to prove my point :-)

It is a long time ago I played with it and therefore can't recall the
details of my dislike.

However, I agree that we should try to use standards if possible.

Kind regards,

     Peter Kriens

Jnic> Can you elaborate on what you think is "cumbersome" about
Jnic> Keystore and why you don't like the Keystore APIs ?  What kinds
Jnic> of simple things were you trying to do ?

Jnic> It does have some "idiosyncrasies", but IMHO Eclipse
Jnic> should not stray to far from the core Java APIs except to add
Jnic> value where it can.  Extending core Java APIs, specifically in
Jnic> the area of security is much better than inventing a whole new
Jnic> model.  I could envision the possibility of some convenience
Jnic> wrappers/classes on top Keystore (in fact we've done several in
Jnic> some projects I work on).

Jnic> Particularly, in order to use any JSSE implementation,
Jnic> you must provide some Keystore.  So if Eclipse ventures down a
Jnic> path of a non Keystore based security store, it would require an
Jnic> Keystore provider as well if you wanted it to connect to
Jnic> SSL/JSSE as well.
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Jnic> Peter Kriens <Peter.Kriens@xxxxxxxx> wrote on 09/28/2005 02:58:57 AM:

 >> I am not that worried about the strength of the security :-) Usually
 >> systems are compromised with user engineering. So my objection to the
 >> Keystore API was not on implementation weakness. I do not like the
 >> API and architecture. It was cumbersome to do simple things ...
 >> Kind regards,
 >>      Peter Kriens

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