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Re[4]: [equinox-dev] About the benchmarks of OSGi

Isnt benchmarking wonderful! :-)

Kind regards,

     Peter Kriens

JM> Yes but the resolver etc is more complicated and takes more
JM> work. ?hat you are calling esoteric may well be main line for
JM> Eclipse (and vice versa). ?ascal'point is very apt. ?f you are
JM> measuring startup and footprint the R4 changes likely play a role.
JM> ?n any event, implementations should stand on their
JM> merits/behaviour. ?he scale factor should not be underestimated
JM> also. ?clipse has been optimized to run 1000s (yes, 3 zeros) of
JM> bundles. ?ur footprint might be larger to start but in larger
JM> systems we are smaller and faster.

JM> Jeff

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JM> Re[2]: [equinox-dev] About the benchmarks of OSGi

JM> R3 are still compatible with R4. R4 added some new
JM>  class loading features but they are mostly in the more esoteric range
JM>  for large deployments that do not want to refactor their code.

JM>  R3 bundles are still more or less the preferred mode and run unchanged
JM>  on R4 frameworks.

JM>  Kind regards,

JM>  ??Peter kriens

 PR>> First you would have to compare OSGi implementations that are
 PR>> functionnaly equivalents. For example eclipse' osgi implements
 PR>> R4.0 behavior which is a lot different than the R3.0.
 PR>> Then depending on which aspects you want to measure you would
 PR>> probably have to instrument the code base in order to get
 PR>> comparable numbers.
 PR>> Some numbers that could be interesting:
 PR>> ????- memory consumption of a bundle
 PR>> ????- time to load a class
 PR>> ????- startup time
 PR>> ????- how many bundles can the system handle
 PR>> ????- service lookup time

 PR>> PaScaL

 PR>> "rvm2004" <rvm2004@xxxxxxx>
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 PR>> Subject
 PR>> [equinox-dev] About the benchmarks of OSGi

 PR>> Hi all
 PR>> ? am very interested in the Eclipse and OSGi technology. Now
 PR>> I am doing the research about OSGi, and I want to know whether
 PR>> there are some key points or benchmarks that can measure the
 PR>> performance of the OSGi platform(such as Eclipse OSGi,SMF etc.)
 PR>> ,for example the usage of virtual memory, physics memory, basic
 PR>> startup time, and so on. That is if I want to compare several OSGi
 PR>> platform’s performance, and optimize one of them, which aspects
 PR>> should I consider? Which aspects could demonstrate the performance
 PR>> of a OSGi platform?And if I want to do some optimization for OSGi
 PR>> platform,which aspects can I optimize?what is the Future
 PR>> directions?Any response will be appreciated, thanks very much.

 PR>> ?est wishes, Zhoujing

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