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Re: [equinox-dev] Freezing today...

These two defects that I own will likely not make it for the freeze today.

42900  nor  P2  PC  tjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx  NEW   3.0 M9  investigate the use of the OSGi test suite in the Eclipse...  
45726  nor  P3  PC  tjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx  NEW   3.0 M9  check the value of the default context class loader  

I need to work with Rafael to get the test suite into the build process for bug 42900.  Does not effect runtime code.
A decision needs to be made on Bug 45726.  The behavior in Eclipse 3.0 is the same as in Eclipse 2.1, but many view the current behavior as wrong.  Will we break compatiblity if we change the default context classloader?

There are deprecated methods in the resolver API that will not be able to be removed.  The following methods will not be able to be removed:

public byte getMatchingRule();
public Version getVersionSpecification();

A significant amount of code in PDE depends on these methods.  I feel it is too risky to remove them for eclipse 3.0.

Thomas Watson
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Pascal Rapicault <Pascal_Rapicault@xxxxxxxxxx>
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05/07/2004 10:33 AM
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The only thing I can think of are the few modification that would be required to start the fwk from random URLs which might be necessary to have JNLP support.

The other that could be interesting to have is the capability in the adaptor to hook in the manifestLocalization (
61280). This would allow us to do interesting stuffs for the loading of resourcebundles.
We may also consider an API to generate lightweight manifests for pde, if eclipse and wsad do not ship with manifest.mf (


Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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05/07/2004 09:53 AM

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[equinox-dev] Freezing today...

No it is not a weather report.  

Today is the fabled May 7th.  M9 of yore.  Even though M9 itself has been deferred for a couple weeks, we are doing a functional freeze today.  This means several things:

- all API should be solid.  "Some" work on the text for the API can be pending but there should be reasonable text for all API and we should believe in all the API.  Please let me know of any areas you think are lacking.  

- any chunks of new function or new mechanisms should be in.  Please let me know immediately if this is not the case.

- all bug reports marked M9 should be completed today.  If they are bugs or polish items it is possible to defer them by marking as 3.0 as long as they are not major.  Please let me know about any major items which are not going to be done today.

I would like an explicit confirmation of status from each team member by lunch today.

Going forward (i.e., Monday on) please contact me about any new function or mechanism you are looking to put in place.  We should be entering the Polish, Problems and Performance mindset.  If there is new mechanisms/approaches which contribute to one or more of the Ps then it should be reviewed for risk/reward.  If it does not contribute to a P, move on to something else.

Thanks everyone for a terrific effort.  We have done an excellent job!