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Re[2]: [equinox-dev] Plugin development

Thanks, it works now. Though BJ just told me to upgrade to something
later than M8 because PackageAdmin service changed ... :-)

Kind regards,

     Peter Kriens

ML> Hi,

>> The autostart did the trick ... Should that not be the default
>> behavior? It does not feel good to load private classes from a bundle
>> and not start it before?
>> Still slightly confused with the multiple dependency files.
>> What is exactly the relation now between the MANIFEST.MF and the
>> plugin.xml? I understand they both have to be available (at least when you want to
>> use extension points)? If so, who defines the dependencies? They can be defined in the
>> manifest as well as in the plugin.xml.

ML> My understanding is that you do not need an explicit MANIFEST.MF file in
ML> your plugin until you really wanna use some of the advanced OSGi 
ML> features (like dynamic imports, etc.). If you are writing a standard
ML> plugin including extensions/extension-points you should just write a
ML> plugin.xml (and no MANIFEST.MF). The runtime will take care of that and
ML> generate the right manifest for you at startup (including the autostart).

ML> My observation with MANIFEST.MF files is that they will be in the 
ML> leading role for the definition of dependencies, but I am not 100% sure
ML> on that.

ML> Best regards,
ML> -Martin

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