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Re: [equinox-dev] Plugin development


The autostart did the trick ... Should that not be the default
behavior? It does not feel good to load private classes from a bundle
and not start it before?

Still slightly confused with the multiple dependency files.
What is exactly the relation now between the MANIFEST.MF and the
plugin.xml? I understand they both have to be available (at least when you want to
use extension points)? If so, who defines the dependencies? They can be defined in the
manifest as well as in the plugin.xml.

My understanding is that you do not need an explicit MANIFEST.MF file in your plugin until you really wanna use some of the advanced OSGi features (like dynamic imports, etc.). If you are writing a standard plugin including extensions/extension-points you should just write a plugin.xml (and no MANIFEST.MF). The runtime will take care of that and generate the right manifest for you at startup (including the autostart).

My observation with MANIFEST.MF files is that they will be in the leading role for the definition of dependencies, but I am not 100% sure on that.

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