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[equinox-dev] Bunde-localization


The Bundle-localization header refers to files containing the translations of headers.Based on this name, the proper file is looked up in the bundle and its attached fragments.

However this lookup is not done for fragments which makes the translation of fragments almost impossible. Indeed because fragments can not have fragments, a fragment that need to be translated must provide its translation up-front. This is pretty hard since most of the time the translation are only provided later.

Here is a proposal that would workaround this problem and allows for translation of fragments in a modular way. The proposal simply consists in changing the lookup algorithm:
- instead of only looking in the fragment itself, the localization file lookup should delegate to the bundle-host to which the fragment is attached to. Therefore all the fragments would be consulted then allowing to find the translation file of a fragment inside of another fragment.

Bundle A
 bundle-localization: myHeaders

Bundle Fragment1 (fragment of A)
  bundle-localization: myFragmentLocalizationFile

Bundle Fragment2 (fragment of A)
 contains the files myFragmentLocalizationFile_en_us.properties, myFragmentLocalizationFile_en_ca.properties, ...

Bundle-Fragment3 (fragment of A)
 contains the files myHeaders_en_us.properties, myHeaders_en_ca.properties, ...

In this example Fragment2 provides the translation for Fragment1, and Fragment 3 the translation for Bundle A.
Of course there is an infinite recursion problem however one can believe that the people providing the NL fragments are able to provide the translation for their fragment :-).

Fragments attached to several hosts:
Although fragments can be attached to several hosts, the lookup of the translation file can only be done on any host.
Indeed if a fragment is attached to several hosts, it is because all the hosts it can be attached to are compatible. Moreover if a translation bundle is attached to a host, it should have the same matching criterias (regarding bundle host selection) than the fragment to which it provides translation for.