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[equinox-dev] getInstallURL and getEntry

In classic Eclipse people could use IPluginDescriptor.getInstallURL() to find out where their plugin is installed.  Typically they would then take the URL and extract some File path, tack on some extra stuff and access the file system.

The new way to do this is using Bundle.getEntry().  Previously we have talked about using bundle.getEntry("") to get the equivalent of getInstallURL.  This works but is not very inutitive.  Instead, people should use getEntry("/").  The Equinox team should promote this practice in bug reports and newsgroup posts etc (when asked about issues in this area).

Even better, people should just use getEntry() directly to get the URL they need rather than trying to construct one.

I have updated the porting guide and javadoc to cover these cases.  If you see any that still talka bout getEntry("") please fix or let me know.