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[equinox-dev] Equinox code reformatting/organize/... completed!

The reformatting, renaming and reorganization is done.  Please be on the look out for any issues/strangeness.  I did random spot checks and found nothing unusual.  

Here is what happened.

0) only packages starting with org.eclipse.osgi or org.eclipse.core were affected.  org.osgi packages were NOT affected.  Note that the non-Equinox parts of core.runtime were also not changed.  In all cases whole projects were tagged however.

1) tag with "before_dup_removal"

2) rename duplicate *classes* as follows (in general these were duplicates of the corresponding interface)
Bundle = AbstractBundle
BundleContext = BundleContextImpl
PackageAdmin = PackageAdminImpl
Filter = FilterImpl
PermissionAdmin = PermissionAdminImpl
ServiceReference = ServiceReferenceImpl
ServiceRegistration = ServiceRegistrationImpl
BundleLocalization = BundleLocalizationImpl
        framework.util => SecurePermissionStorage
        defaultadaptor =>DefaultPermissionStorage        
StartLevelImpl => StartLevelManager
merge StartLevelFactory into StartLevelManager
rename StartLevel => StartLevelImpl

3) tag with "after_dup_removal"

4) tag with "before_Equinox_reformat"

5) reformat all Equinox code

6) tag with "after_Equinox_reformat"

7) forgot to tag with "before_Equinox_organize"

8) organize imports for all Equinox code

9) tag with "after_Equinox_organize"

10) kick back and admire the beautiful code...