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[equinox-dev] formatting and compiler options

Attached are the official Core/Equinox team formatter settings.  The new formatter has alot more options than the previous one so it is quite detailed to discover all the interactions.  If you find some code that is formatting strangely with these settings, let me and/or DJ know.  You can load the formatting options using the Java formatting preference page.

The Organize imports settings are straightforward.  Just enter 3 for the number of imports needed for *

For compiler options, there is no set set of settings (say that fast a few times!) but there are some settings which are particularly interesting.

Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Compiler ->
- Local variable hides field (including args)
- Field decl hides another field
- usage of non-externalized strings

Javadoc -> Process Javadoc comments
- Malformed Javadoc comments -> warning
- Report Errors in tags -> true


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