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Re: [equinox-dev] Plugin / Bundle Initialization

In Eclipse 2.1 it was Plugin.startup().

In Eclipse 3.0, if you are using the compatibility plugin (org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility), you can continue with this pattern.

Without the compatibility plugin you should simply change your startup() method to have the following signature
        public void start(BundleContext context)
and change your super.startup() call (you did have one right?) to be super.start().

Similarly for shutdown (changes to stop(BundleContext)).

We have been crafting the doc in this area over the past couple days.  Should be releasing today or tomorrow.


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[equinox-dev] Plugin / Bundle Initialization

Hi all,

Where does initialization code for a plugin go? As with the old runtime, it
was Plugin.start(), but I read somewhere, that this isnt the right place
anymore. But I couldnt find any hint where I should place init code now.

Could you point me to some tutorials/FAQs/example code?

Thanks in advance,


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