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Re: Re[2]: [equinox-dev] uninstalling plugins

The only way to do that is to unresolve the plugin somehow (typically uninstall).  As Pascal pointed out, the runtime will then remove the extensions and ext points supplied by that plugin.  These registry changes are broadcast to listeners and it is their job to clean up.  So in the case of views for example, it would be the UI plugin's job to detect the removal of a view extension and clean up its internal data structures.  For most of these it is relatively easy but in several cases, since plugins never expected this sort of life cycle, plugins may not keep track of the objects they created using some extension.  As a result, they cannot easily clean up.  This is the current situation with the UI.  The team is working hard on many fronts and if they can figure a way of cleaning up completely then they will.  Otherwise the decision is to do nothing since a partial cleanup would just lead to confusion and weird bugs.

Note again that this is only an issue on removal of extensions.  Dynamic addition of extensions is supported by the UI.


Peter Kriens <Peter.Kriens@xxxxxxxx>
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02/12/2004 02:43 AM

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Peter Manahan/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
Re[2]: [equinox-dev] uninstalling plugins

Is there a way for a plugin to remove its registered extension
points and remove the references to the plugin views from Eclipse?

Kind regards,

    Peter Kriens

PM> Just want to confirm that the facilitiesfor dynamic
PM> removal/updates will be there but that the UI can't use them. If
PM> we have our own plugins/features that don't contribute to theUI
PM> then the dynamic update/removal will be supported for those? The
PM> usecase is an  RCP application that has some non-ui plugins I'd
PM> liketo be able to update the non-ui plugins without a restart. I
PM> am using theupdate manager api's to apply the updates.

PM> Thanks,

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PM> Re: [equinox-dev] uninstallingplugins

PM> It is not quite as bad as it seems.  The main usecase we have
PM> seenfor dynamic plugins is dynamic addition.  This is/will be
PM> handledcorrectly.  The dynamic removal/update cases are very real
PM> but somewhatmore rare.  We fully intend to do that but it will
PM> likely not makeinto the UI for 3.0.

PM> Jeff

PM> Peter Kriens <Peter.Kriens@xxxxxxxx>
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PM> Please respond to
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PM> Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCAcc

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PM> Re: [equinox-dev] uninstallingplugins

PM> Ai! I knew it was going to be hard, but it kind of pulls the rug out
PM> of the dynamic plugins ...

PM> I hope this will be supported in future releases?

PM> Kind regards,

PM>     Peter Kriens

JM>> Just wanted to let people know thatthe UI team feels it is
JM>> unlikely they will be able to make the UI fullydynamic aware for
JM>> 3.0.  In particular, they likely will not be ableto correctly
JM>> handle plugins (extensions) going away.  They expectadditionto be
JM>> fully supported.

JM>> Jeff

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