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[equinox-dev] extensions.xml

This is to make clear that in the new runtime, the manifest model is as follow:

- base case: Developers express plugin.xmls as they do today.  A manifest.mf can be autogenerated at run/install/build time.

- advanced case: If the developer needs to express some OSGi specific function (e..g, Import-Package) they will use the following two files:
        manifest.mf - contains all the runtime related info from plugin.xml (classpath, dependencies, plugin id, ...)
        plugin.xlm - contains just the extension/extension point data.  The <plugin> tag is empty and the only valid children (currently) are <extension> and <extension-point>

In all cases the translations for these files are in the standard plugin.properties file.  The markup for NL strings in manifest.mf is the same as in plugin.xml (e.g., %foo).  manifest.mf allows for the setting of the NL translation properties file using the Bundle-LocalizationFile manifest header.

Please enter bug reports (tagged for M7) for any current behaviour that does not match this descriptoin.  Of course, if you have questions, let me know.