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[equinox-dev] New runtime for Eclipse

As of tonight's nightly build the Eclipse runtime has been replaced by the Equinox runtime. The code has been merged into HEAD in the Eclipse repository the build structures updated.  This code will begin appearing in the integration builds as of next week.  While we expect a number of hiccups along the way, the Equinox team and others have been using this runtime for several months with great success.  We in the process of preparing several documents detailing the changes and how/if they will affect you.  See the following link for more information:

You don't have to wait for the nightly build to settle down to use the new runtime.  The runtime can be downloaded and overlaid on a standard Eclipse drop. See the Equinox downloads page for more details:

Over the next week we will be working to move all RCP-related plug-ins onto the new runtime (without the compatibility layer), to address issues discovered and add to the above documents.  Your feedback is essential to this process.  Bugs should be reported via bugzilla in the Equinox project area (use the General component).  The platform-core-dev mailing list can also be used to discuss issues and raise questions.

Thanks in advance for your support and patience.